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High Street Vs High End

Most of us would love a wardrobe overflowing with Gucci, Prada and that Chloé bag but the reality is that for many such designer labels come at a price that means well…starvation? rent arrears? soliciting? Thankfully that’s where designer dupes step in. I’ve uhmmed and ahhed for a long time about the morality of them. Not whether your Ego loafers have a conscious or an opinion on the Israeli–Palestinian conflict, but whether it’s okay for high street stores to essentially rip off high-end designers in the name of accessibility. I’m still not 100% on where I stand with that, but I know that I don’t mind spilling yogurt in a New Look bag, whereas if I owned a Gucci it would probably spend 90% of it’s life in a dust jacket, with the remaining 10% saved for cradling, stroking and a cheeky Instagram snap.

Gucci Brixton leather Horsebit loafers

 A dead-ringer of Gucci’s effortlessly chic Brixton leather Horsebit loafers – which retail at £540. Available in sizes 2-8, H&M’s comfy flat shoes are embellished with metal rings and feature decorative seams at the front. While the shoes don’t boast a real leather finish like the Italian designer’s version, they look just as pretty and are £520 cheaper. Also available in powder pink.

Cartier Love bracelet

A tribute to passionate romance, Cartier’s iconic Love bracelet has been gracing the arms of celebs for decades. Kylie Jenner was once pictured with eight on her wrist and Pippa Middleton is also a fan – but as the price range starts at an eye-watering £3,600, us mortals need a much less costly alternative. Kate Spade has answered our prayers with this 12-karat gold plated offering, which sparkles with glass stones and comes in gold and silver.

Chanel Classic Handbag

Starting from £3,550 for a small version, Chanel’s iconic quilted flap bag oozes glamour and is a favourite among celebrity style queens. Echo the look with this faux-leather cross body bag from ASOS, which is complete with a chunky shoulder chain and magnetic clasp closure. The curb chain trim adds a hint of moto edge – totally swoon-worthy.


Kylie Cosmetics - Bronze Palette

Everyone knows that Kylie Cosmetics The Bronze Palette is amazing, however at a pricey £30 a pallet PLUS post and packing PLUS the likely risk of it always being sold out. I knew there must be another cheaper option. So I found this Primark palette for only £4!


pNo lookalike page would be complete without the one that everyone was talking about. Now unless you were hiding under a rock! The Gucci belt is ALL OVER social media in the summer, but like most things from Gucci this belt is a eye watering £270! But yet again Primark pulled off this incredible dupe. Well done Primark