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Father’s Day Gift Guide

So, Father’s Day 2020 is just around the corner (Sunday the 21th of June for the forgetful amongst us) and if you’re anything like me you’ll desperately scour the internet for days (maybe even weeks) struggling to find that perfect present dad will just looooove! But it’s just so darn difficult every single year!

So this years I have picked out a few of my favourite gift ideas so this Father’s Day will be stress free.

Foodie Dad 

Make your Dad the ultimate breakfast in bed with hand cured and smoked salmon from the Smokin’ Brothers. Smoked in their Smokery at Daylesford Farm, in the heart of the Cotsworlds and carefully wrapped plastic free packaging. 

Wine Dad

Running out of time but still want a special gift but also don’t want to get another thing to clutter up the house? This metal monogram wine cork holder is on AMAZON PRIME  and it comes in A-Z. Its a win win for me. 

Morning Brew Dad

It goes without saying a Father’s Day mug is a classic and something I have got many years in a row for my Dad. This year, why not go that extra mile with this stunning mug from Emma Bridgewater? It’s super high quality and super affordable. Top tip – if you ordered it from Liberty London they gift wrap it for free! 

Dad Who Has Everything

I thought this was such a cool Father’s Day gift when I saw it! A map of the stars from a specific date and location. You could do this birthday or a memorable day you have both shared.

Sporty Dad

If your dad is in to sports this watch is in my opinion the best on the market at the moment. However, it is a little on the pricey side so I would do a whip around with other family members for this one.

Unorganised Dad

If your dad is forever misplacing and losing things around the house this is the perfect gift for him. You can also get it personalised for no extra cost!

Handle The Heat Dad

I’m not sure what it is but my Dad loves all things spicy. Hot sauces have been a staple gift/stocking filler for year. Which got me thinking this year let put his spice limits to the test with this make your own hot sauce kit?


As the weather this year has been so hot, we have been eating outside more than ever. However we can never seem to use all of the right BBQ utensils. Leading me to find this stunning set, perfect for an BBQ lover, you can also get them personalised!

The Perfect Gentleman Dad

A bit of luxury to go along with the everyday mundane. Inspired by the gentlemanly splendour, this traditional shaving set comprises a matching synthetic brush, razor and stand. Beautifully finished by hand with a perfectly balanced razor suitable for use with a Mach III blade.

No matter what you do this year for Fathers Day, I hope you all have a lovely day and make you Dad feel special.